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What is a research project?

A clinical study aims to add medical knowledge within different disease areas, which can aid the development of new treatments for specific diseases. In order to do so, most biomedical or health-related research studies are conducted on people and follow a pre-designed clinical protocol. All results from the clinical study are summarised anonymously in a report.

There are several types of clinical studies, however, the two main types are:

  • Interventional study: In an interventional study, the study participant will receive a specific intervention, which is described within the clinical protocol. The intervention can be e.g. medicine, medical devices or dietary changes. The interventional study always compares the new medical approach to the normal/standard approach. If no normal/standard approach is available, the interventional study will in some cases compare the new medical approach to a placebo or no intervention. The aim of an interventional study is to determine the safety and efficacy of the new medical approach. This is done by measuring pre-defined outcomes in the participants (e.g. by taking blood samples, ultrasound scans or MRI scan).
  • Observational study: In an observational study, the study participants are being observed. This means that the participants may receive an intervention or a procedure, but they are not chosen to receive a specific intervention. Investigators within an observational study could e.g. choose to observe how lifestyle affects patients with diabetes.

Therefore, participating in a clinical study does not necessarily mean that you will have to take part in a physical examination – you might only have to answer a questionnaire or take part in an interview. This depends on the type of clinical study, and this information is given to you when we contact you or at the clinic conducting the clinical study.

By participating in clinical studies, you will help to improve the health situation and you will likely help to develop new treatments for children and adults.

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