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What does informed consent mean?

Before participating in a research project, you will receive an informed consent document in your native language. This contains the necessary information about the research project, so you will know the process of the research project and what is expected of you. This means that you will have to go over the informed consent document before you decide whether you want to participate in the study or not, so that you will feel comfortable with the process.

The document contains details of the procedure of the research project, such as the purpose, duration, required procedures, and key contacts. Information about risks, possible side effects and potential benefits are also explained in the informed consent document. Additionally, you will also discuss the procedure with the doctor and the nurse from the study.

If you do not wish to participate in the research project after the initial interviews, this decision is respected. If you want to participate and you sign the informed consent document but subsequently do not want to complete the study, this decision is also respected. You should feel safe and want to go through with the study because you wish to do so and not because of pressure. You always have the option of quitting the research project if you want to.

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