Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma or Multiple Myeloma clinical study is accepting participants

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma or Multiple Myeloma clinical study is accepting participants

Multiple myeloma is the second most common blood cancer after Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL), affecting approximately 90,000 people in the US, while NHL affects approximately 569,536 people in the US.

Despite new treatment has been developed, relapse of these cancer types remains inevitable. Further studies are needed, in order to develop new and better treatment options. If you wish to participate, you can fill out this questionnaire, and on basis hereof, you will be contacted, if you are a match for the research project.



•    Jacksonville, Florida
•    Madison, Wisconsin
•    Chicago, Illinois
•    Warrenville, Illinois
•    Seattle, Washington
•    Rochester, New York
•    Redlands, California
•    Greenville, South Carolina
•    New Orleans, Louisiana
•    Kansas City, Kansas 



Participating in the study will not entail any extra expense to your usual treatment, as the Sponsor provides the investigational drug and any tests required by the trial. The usual treatment costs will be financed by the sponsor.  

Reimbursement within this study: 
You may be paid up to $500.00 for travel reimbursement. 


Purpose of the study: 

The aim of this study is to investigate the safety and efficacy of an investigational medicine used to treat patients who have experienced that their first line of cancer treatment did not work. 


Possible benefits: 

You are not expected to receive any direct benefit as a result of your participation in this research study. While doctors hope the study drug will be more useful against multiple myeloma compared to the usual treatment, there is no proof of this yet. We do know that the information from this study will help doctors learn more about the drug as a treatment for multiple myeloma. This information could help future cancer patients.


Who can participate?  

  • Male and females  
  • Age: 18+
  • Diagnosed with any of the following types of cancer: 
    • Multiple Myeloma (MM)
    • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Other criteria may need to be fulfilled before you may pre-qualify for participation in the study. Therefore, to find out if the study may be suitable for you please click on the button below and answer the questionnaire. If you pre-qualify, you and a doctor at the study clinic will determine if this study is suitable for you. 


Visits at the site:

During the clinical study, you will have to visit the clinic at specific times. This is in order to perform different assessments, which must be performed at specific time points. 


Overview of visit – single dose: 
This study has 14 planned visits during a time frame of 85 days. No participants will receive placebo during the research study. 

If, after the single dose, that researcher find you eligible for multiple dose, you will receive this within 75-90 day after the first cycle. 

After screening the first visit at the clinic will be after 4 weeks. Between visit 1 and visit 14 there will be a waiting time per visit of 1 week. When you have had visit 14, you will be offered follow-up visits every 3 months. 



S: Screening


Overview of visits – multiple dose: 
The overview of visits considering the multiple dose is identical to the single dose. The only difference is, that visit 14 from the single dose can be used as screening for the multiple dose, reducing this phase with 1 visit (a total visit of 13).  


About the two phases (single dose and multiple dose): 
You are not able to select which of the two phases you would like to participate in. The single dose will be running from the beginning of the study, and participation in the multiple dose phase is determined by the researchers. 

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