4 important reasons why you should remember sunscreen

4 important reasons why you should remember sunscreen

Bathing trip, going to the beach, music festivals. Summer is upon us, and there are plenty of occasions to get some sun. Here you can read about how sunscreen works and why it is important to remember to apply it.

Summer is upon us and we have to get used to applying sunscreen again. Here are four reasons why you should remember to apply sunscreen before venturing outside.


1. Sunscreen protects against sunburns

It may be obvious, but nonetheless is it important. Without sunscreen you will more easily get sunburned, which can itch and hurt.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays – also called UV radiation – damages the skin, which causes sunburns. Only a small part of the sun’s rays is UV radiation, but it is still those that does the greatest damage to the skin.

Wearing sunscreen doesn’t mean that you are completely immune to sunburns. And if you already have them, you must stay in the shade until they are gone – even if you are wearing sunscreen.


2. It reduces the risk of skin cancer

If you expose your skin to the sun for a long time, the risk of developing skin cancer is increased. The sun’s UV radiation damages the skin cell’s DNA, which can lead to cancer. Sunscreen protects against UV radiation and you will be at a lower risk of developing skin cancer.

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer and can be lethal. If it is discovered quickly, it is treatable; however, it is of course better to lower the risk of developing skin cancer. You can also get skin cancer from using a tanning booth.


3. It keeps the skin young

Research shows that sun damage will age the skin more rapidly, meaning that you will get wrinkles at an earlier age – and more of them – if you receive sun damage due to the UV radiation. Using sunscreen protects against UV radiation and can therefore help keep your skin young.


4. Without sunscreen you are more susceptible to heatstroke

It is not only your skin that is exposed to danger when you stay in strong sunlight; you also risk heatstroke.

Heatstroke can occur if you spend too much time in the sun and the body overheats. This can lead to nausea, muscle cramps, and tiredness.

You can reduce the risk of heatstroke if you make sure to drink plenty of water, and you avoid staying in the sun too long at a time – it also helps to use sunscreen.

Sunburns affect the body’s ability to cool off and can lead to heatstroke. Therefore, use of sunscreen will help prevent heatstrokes.


How does sunscreen work?

All sunscreen contains a physical or chemical sun filter – sometimes both. The physical sun filter functions in such a way that the white pigments in the lotion reflect UV radiation and reflect them back on the surroundings.

Sunscreen with chemical sun filters contain specific organic compounds - like benzophenone, camphor compounds, cinnamates, and salicylics – which absorb UV radiation and instead transforms them into heat.


Two different types of UV radiation

There are two different types of ultraviolet radiation among the sun’s rays:

UVA radiation, which, among other things, can give wrinkles – and UVB radiation which causes sunburns. Both types of UV radiation contribute to the risk of skin cancer, but UVB radiation are counted as the worst of the two.

By using sunscreen you can prevent both – just remember, sunscreen never provides 100 % protection against the sun; therefore, you should never spend too much time in the sun.


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